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11 Great American Road Trips Scratch Map

11 Great American Road Trips Scratch Map

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The only United States of America scratch map to feature 11 of the most comprehensive road trips across the country. Printed on THICK card and laminated, this scratch map is perfect to take with you on your next trip. 

Keep it in your car, your RV or your trailer, it's a great conversation starter. Compare your tracks with your fellow camp mate. Who has completed one of the massive road trips featured? How far did you get? It's a BIG country so we forgive you. Not everyone has the stamina to complete one of these road trips.

The map has a beautiful design under the easy scratch off laytex foil with lots of hidden surprises for you to discover as you make your way across the states.

We ship out of Texas so you'll get your road trip scratch map within 3 - 5 days on most occasions.

You can use this for much more than just the road trips featured.

  • Scratch off entire states as you visit them
  • Mark you favourite holiday spots
  • Reveal ALL the places you have been to in the USA

Roadtrips featured include:

  • The Great Northern: Seattle to Bangor
  • Border to Border: Kelispell to Tucson
  • The Great River Road: Minneapolis to New Orleans
  • The Appalachian Trail: Maine to Atlanta
  • The Southern Crossing: Savannah to San Diego
  • The Atlantic Coast: Miami to New York
  • The Road to Nowhere: Brownsville to Bismarck
  • The Pacific Coast: San Diego to Seattle
  • Route 66: Los Angeles to Chicago
  • The Loneliest Road: San Fransisco to Annapolis
  • The Oregon Trail: Portland to Boston


  • 1 x 11" x 17" scratch map on 400gsm laminated card
  • 1 x Go-Roadtrip sticker
  • 1 x Go-Roadtrip scratcher device
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Visual Record of Adventures

A scratch map allows you to visually document your travel experiences by scratching off the foil layer to reveal the roads and places you've visited, creating a personalised map of your journeys.

Motivation to Explore

Owning a scratch map can inspire you to travel more, as the desire to uncover new destinations and scratch them off the map can serve as a motivating factor to plan trips.

Geographical Learning

Using a scratch map encourages geographical awareness and helps you learn about the capitals, and landmarks as you scratch off each location.