Roadtrip: Great Northern

A road trip from Seattle to Bangor via the Great Northern route offers a journey through the northern regions of the United States, showcasing scenic landscapes, charming towns, and iconic landmarks. Here's a short guide to help you plan your trip:


1. Interstate 5 North:
Start your journey in Seattle, Washington, and head east on Interstate 90, connecting to Interstate 5 North. Enjoy the views of the Pacific Northwest as you travel through Washington.

2. U.S. Route 2 East:
Connect to U.S. Route 2 East in Everett, Washington. This route, known as the "Great Northern," will take you across the northern United States.

3. Interstate 15 North and U.S. Route 93 North:
Head east on Interstate 90 and connect to Interstate 15 North. Follow U.S. Route 93 North as you cross into Montana.

4. Glacier National Park (MT):
Take a detour to Glacier National Park in Montana, known for its stunning mountain scenery, glaciers, and pristine lakes.

5. U.S. Route 2 East:
Continue on U.S. Route 2 East as you travel through Montana and into North Dakota.

6. Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND):
Explore Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, featuring badlands formations and diverse wildlife.

7. U.S. Route 2 East:
Continue on U.S. Route 2 East as you pass through Minnesota and Wisconsin.

8. Lake Superior Scenic Byway (MN):
Consider taking the Lake Superior Scenic Byway along the northern shore of Lake Superior for breathtaking views.

9. U.S. Route 2 East:
Resume U.S. Route 2 East as you cross into Michigan and travel through the Upper Peninsula.

10. Mackinac Island (MI):
Take a ferry to Mackinac Island in Lake Huron, known for its historic charm, horse-drawn carriages, and the Grand Hotel.

11. U.S. Route 2 East:
Continue on U.S. Route 2 East, passing through Michigan and into Ontario, Canada.

12. Interstate 95 South:
Cross back into the United States and connect to Interstate 95 South in Bangor, Maine. Follow this route to reach the city of Bangor.

Landmarks and Sightseeing:

1. Space Needle (Seattle, WA):
Start your journey in Seattle by visiting the iconic Space Needle and exploring the city's vibrant neighborhoods.

2. Glacier National Park (MT):
Experience the natural beauty of Glacier National Park, with its glaciers, alpine meadows, and diverse wildlife.

3. Theodore Roosevelt National Park (ND):
Explore the unique landscapes of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, known for its badlands and prairie.

4. Lake Superior (MN):
Take in the stunning views along Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes.

5. Mackinac Island (MI):
Experience the charm of Mackinac Island, known for its historic architecture, fudge shops, and outdoor activities.

6. Acadia National Park (ME):
Visit Acadia National Park in Maine, known for its rugged coastline, Cadillac Mountain, and diverse ecosystems.

7. Bangor, ME:
End your journey in Bangor, where you can explore the city's history, visit museums, and enjoy local cuisine.

Roadtrip: Great Northern


  • Scenic Drives:
    Take advantage of scenic byways, especially along Lake Superior and through the national parks.
  • National Park Pass:
    Consider getting a National Park Pass if you plan to visit multiple parks along the way.
  • Cultural Experiences:
    Embrace the local cultures and traditions in the towns and cities you pass through.
  • Local Cuisine:
    Try regional specialties and local cuisine in each state, reflecting the diverse flavors of the northern United States.
  • Weather Considerations:
    Be prepared for varying weather conditions, especially in the northern regions, and check road conditions during winter months.

Enjoy the beauty of the Great Northern route as you travel from Seattle to Bangor, experiencing the diverse landscapes and cultures of the northern United States!