Roadtrip: The Southern Crossing

A road trip from Savannah to San Diego via the Southern Crossing offers a journey through the southern United States, showcasing diverse landscapes, cultural richness, and iconic landmarks. Here's a short guide to help you plan your trip:


1. Interstate 16 West:
Start your journey in Savannah, Georgia, and head west on Interstate 16. This highway will take you through the scenic landscapes of Georgia.

2. Interstate 20 West:
Connect to Interstate 20 West as you enter Alabama. This route offers a mix of rural charm and historic sites.

3. Interstate 49 South:
Connect to Interstate 49 South as you approach Louisiana. This will take you through picturesque bayous and diverse southern scenery.

4. Interstate 10 West:
Connect to Interstate 10 West, also known as the Southern Crossing. This major east-west interstate will lead you through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and into California.

5. California State Route 78 West:
As you enter California, connect to State Route 78 West, providing a scenic route through the desert landscapes of Southern California.

6. Interstate 15 South:
Connect to Interstate 15 South, leading you through San Diego's outskirts and providing stunning views as you approach the city.

Landmarks and Sightseeing:

1. Savannah Historic District (Savannah, GA):
Explore the cobblestone streets, historic homes, and vibrant squares of the Savannah Historic District.

2. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute (Birmingham, AL):
Visit the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to learn about the history of the Civil Rights Movement.

3. French Quarter (New Orleans, LA):
Experience the lively atmosphere, jazz music, and historic architecture of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

4. San Antonio River Walk (San Antonio, TX):
Stroll along the scenic San Antonio River Walk, lined with restaurants, shops, and beautiful landscapes.

5. Big Bend National Park (TX):
Take a detour to Big Bend National Park in Texas, known for its stunning canyons, desert landscapes, and the Rio Grande.

6. Saguaro National Park (Tucson, AZ):
Visit Saguaro National Park to see the iconic saguaro cacti and experience the beauty of the Sonoran Desert.

7. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park (San Diego, CA):
Explore Old Town San Diego, a historic park that preserves and recreates the city's early history.

8. Balboa Park (San Diego, CA):
Visit Balboa Park in San Diego, home to museums, gardens, and the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

Roadtrip: The Southern Crossing


  • Cultural Diversity:
    Embrace the cultural diversity along the Southern Crossing, from the rich history of the Deep South to the vibrant landscapes of the Southwest.
  • Scenic Stops:
    Take advantage of scenic viewpoints along the way, especially in the desert regions of Arizona and California.
  • Local Cuisine:
    Indulge in the diverse culinary offerings, from Southern comfort food to Tex-Mex and California cuisine.
  • Historical Landmarks:
    Explore historical landmarks in each city, learning about the unique stories that have shaped the region.
  • Weather Considerations:
    Be mindful of the varying climates, especially in the desert regions, and plan accordingly.

Enjoy the adventure as you travel from Savannah to San Diego via the Southern Crossing, immersing yourself in the beauty and diversity of the southern United States!